Our 9-Point Customer Guarantee

We “Maxcare Hardwood Floors” hereby guarantee the following 9 points:

1 Promptness and cleanliness of the crew.  There will be no smoking, swearing, obscenities, or lewd conduct ever. The crew will maintain a clean acceptable presentation throughout.

2 Honesty when dealing with your deposit, providing proper documentation. Honesty when assuring you that we are fully insured and abide by the regulations of “Worker’s Compensation.” 

3 Honesty and respect shown towards your personal belongings and home setting, including your yard. Alarm codes transmitted and keys lent for the duration of the project will be kept safe, secure and confidential.

4 The work site will be kept clean at all times and proper safety precautions will be taken at all levels. No refuse will be left behind anywhere.

5 No work will ever be undertaken and then billed to you without your full knowledge and approval even if it is needed.

6 We will without fail return to address any reasonable, evident deficiency caused either by us, the machinery or the finish itself.

7  We will explain in detail well in advance of the work beginning the human limitations of the work to be performed as well as the limitations set by your sub-floor, flooring and home context. We will explain all limitations to your full satisfacton prior to any work commencing.


8 Our 100% Dust Free Refinishing System must truly meet and exceed that which it boasts.

9 You must be fully satisfied with the final outcome of the work prior to final payment. We at “Maxcare Hardwood Floors” reserve the right to correct, and even completely redo, any given job that you the client may be fully satisfied with. Our reputation and pride mean more to us than final payment. This we guarantee.

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